My name is Jessica Lau, a working mom, constructor of stories in my head (all day long!) and occasionally I jot down some brilliant ideas that I really need to work out. I have finished a feature screenplay and I’m currently working on two new feature stories.

When I started this website I really didn’t know where to start or which direction to head. At first I limited my posts about things that are related to writing. But there is so much more besides writing that I love. For instance, I love photography and filming. Everywhere I go, I have my camera on me. As well as my laptop. When I sleep, those two things are always near my bedside. I know, I know… I’m a weirdo.

Besides writing and photography I’m also curious about everything in life. Especially when it involves creating things. I once read: “Curiosity is inspiration for everyone”. That is so true!

Other hobbies: I love reading, watch movies, binge watch series, occasionally cooking, swimming, skip rope, play with pets and kids, etc. etc..  So, with so many wonderful things happening around me, I think I might just try to share everything with you; what I’m working on, what inspires me and what thrills me. And I hope that some of my posts will inspire you too. If not, just click it away! No hard feelings! Promised! Though I might hunt you down and have a good chat with you. Okay, just kidding.

Please feel free to contact me if you find something odd in my writings here. I will appreciate every opportunity to enhance my skills. And will also grab every opportunity to meet like-minded friends!